Why My Flight Surgeon?
This is an exclusive medical practice devoted to the care of Professional Aviators.  We feel you
are a unique group of people who have exceptional requirements for your health care needs.
This practice is designed to meet the requirements of Professional Pilots.  The care of pilots is
only specialty.  Same Day and Next Day appointments are available by phoning  us at
602-368-5633 or on-line.
What is My Flight Surgeon?
My Flight Surgeon is a medical practice dedicated to the medical certification of professional
pilots.  We specialize in providing high quality FAA medical examinations in a state of the art,
computerized facility.  If there are health issues related to medical certification of the airman, we
assist the pilot and their personal physician regarding allowable forms of treatment.
FAA Medical Certification examinations, Classes 1, 2 and 3

Assistance with guidance in the treatment of medical problems related to medical
certification and flight duties

Assistance with Special Issuance Certification

Direct On-Line Scheduling with immediate e-Mail confirmation available for your 24/7
scheduling convenience

Spirometry for asthmatic airmen

Farnsworth lantern and other color vision testing
FAA Medical Certification Examinations

We perform Class 1,2 and 3 FAA Medical Certification examinations.  Our computerized system
records all of the required information.  The Aeromedical Certification Information is
validated before it is transmitted to the FAA for immediate filing of your medical

Assisting pilots in obtaining Special Issuance certificates when they have potentially
disqualifying medical problems is an area of particular interest for us.
Questions Concerning Health Problems

If you have questions regarding health issues and medical certification, they can be answered
by our Senior Aviation Medical Examiner.  We are particularly interested in health maintenance
and keeping pilots fit for flight duty.
General health information is available on-line and   Aviation
health related information is available
here .  You may contact Dr. Ross at 602-368-5633 .
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