The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has opened the MedXpress system to allow you,
the pilot to complete the front of the FAA Form 8500-8 (the flight physical form) on-line.  The
data will be stored and on subsequent medical examinations, you will only need to update
your flight time and any other changes that may have occurred.

The FAA now REQUIRES you to complete the electronic Form 8500-8 in
MedXpress to apply for a medical certificate.

The web site can be accessed at the secure  MedXpress web site.

Remember your PASSWORD, you will need it to electronically "sign" the Form 8500-8 and to
access the MedXpress site for your next medical.

The first page of the site allows you to either register or login. Once you register, you can
complete the FAA Form 8500-8 on-line. One important point is that once you submit the form,
you will not be able to change the information. Only the AME will be able to make changes.

After you submit the form, you must 1) print the form to bring to your appointment at the
time of your flight physical and 2) note the confirmation number and take it to appointment
e-Mail  it to us so we can have your file ready when you come in for your appointment.
We need this number to be able to access the information to complete your flight physical.

If you have questions, please call us at 602-368-5633.
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