Patients are seen by appointment only.  Same Day and Next Day
appointments are available.  The office hours are 8:20-12:00 and
1:00-4:40 Monday through Thursday. After January 5, 2015, flight
Physicals are Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings and Tuesday
afternoon Check the location when making your appointment.  
Appointment may be made on-line or  you may call
602-368-5633 at any
time to make an appointment.

To make an appointment, you may call
Michelle at 602-368-5633 or select

Appointment Link

to go to our on-line appointment service.

We ask that you keep your appointment.  If you must cancel the
appointment, please extend us the courtesy of calling us at least 24 hours
prior to the appointment time.  You may cancel via the scheduling
web-site if you have your confirmation number or call us at
any day of the week.  If you are running late, please call us so that we may
work you into the remaining schedule.  .

Beginning January 5, 2015, the Third Street office will be
closed and the new offices will be at either 1112 East
McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ or 10585 North Tatum
Boulevard, Suite D130, Paradise Valley, Arizona. The
online appointment system may be used to make an
appointment at either location and the telephone number
to reach
us will remain the same. Be certain to select the
location you wish when making your appointment. The
RED appointment blocks are for the Paradise Valley
office and the
BLUE appointment blocks are for the
Phoenix office.

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The FAA now REQUIRES you to complete the
electronic Form 8500-8 in MedXPress to apply for a
medical certificate.

You may now complete the front of the FAA Flight Physical form
(8500-8) by going to
You must sign in, complete the form on-line and bring a printed copy
AND the confirmation number to your next flight physical.

After you complete the MedXpress application, please 1) PRINT a copy
to bring with you in case the FAA server is down and 2) eMail  
us  the
confirmation number so we can have your application up in our
computer when you arrive for your physical.
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